Wednesday, 9 August 2017

8th August 2017 Warrington Anglers Association Guardian Notes

8th August, 2017 Warrington Anglers Association Guardian Notes[f1] 

Dylan Coyle may only be 8years of age but thanks to his dad, Daniels passion for angling it was a forgone conclusion that the youngster would be introduced to the sport. The fact is that Dylan took to it like a duck to water and he has enjoyed numerous trips to our fisheries. His most recent trip to Statham Pool saw him catch 17 roach and his first ever eel, the latter is always a memorable experience like no other! He caught all the fish on a margin pole and maggot.  As his dad says, "He is an angler for life."

On Sunday Tony Rough set off for a visit to the River Dane at Holmes Chapel and set his stall out float fishing hoping for a couple of chub. He walked the whole stretch of the river fishing several swims and caught twelve grayling up to 1lb 8oz, as well as his target fish, four chub all between 2lb and 3lb. He lost three better fish that seemed to know exactly where the snags were despite Tony's best efforts. All the fish where caught on worm or sweetcorn.

Tony Williams taking note of comments regarding pike activity on the River Mersey that appeared in last week's column decided to find out for himself with the result that he caught three of the toothy predators early on Sunday morning well before the match started. The biggest was 10lb on the nose and they all fell to Salmo Slider Jerk baits. Truly a healthy fishery that caters for all aspects of our sport. For the record, the match fished later was won with a weight of 17lbs.

Our Disabled & Over 60's match on Monday was held on the Trent & Mersey Canal at Billinge and to all accounts it excelled itself. Winner Jimmy Byrne included four bream plus a 1lb roach in his catch of 8-12-5 whereas second placed WAA Vice President Geoff Brooks must have really 'had a sweat on' as his net consisted of three hundred small roach and skimmers. The numbers of small fish are really encouraging for the future.

In form match organiser Ray Boden won both our Tuesday and Saturday Mersey matches with 8-1-0 and 8-10-0 respectively, and also included a third place in the Shield Contest for good measure. The runner-up place on Saturday went to Barry Chambers who weighed in at 8-3-0. Both fished the pole and maggot.

On Sunday, our Shield match on the River Mersey was won decisively by Martin Lenihan with a great catch weighing 17lbs exactly. He included bonus bream of 5 and 4lbs in his catch plus roach and perch taken on groundbait feeder and maggot. Second placed Dave Brooks fished the pole and maggot for 12-3-0 of roach and skimmers.

Bailiffs and members have recently reported several instances of stupid and irresponsible disposal of line. This is a danger to birds and other wildlife and will not be tolerated. Members must take all line home for safe disposal. thanks to those members who took the trouble to email me their catch reports which are always of interest to other members when planning their next visit to our waters. Headquarters at 52, Parker Street are open as usual every Friday between 7 & 9pm for new members, subscriptions, night permit renewals, and any queries. Please email catch details to or give me a ring on 01928 716238.

Frank Lythgoe


Disabled & Over 60's (Trent & Mersey Canal)

1)      Jimmy Byrne     8-12-5

2)      Geoff Brooks     8-6-0

3)      George Hollis    5-14-0

4)      Derek Bibby      5-7-4

Tuesday Series (River Mersey)

1)      Ray Boden       8-1-0

2)      Derek Bibby     6-5-0

3)      Chris Wray       4-8-0

4)      Ade Green       3-0-0

Saturday Series (River Mersey)

1)      Ray Boden           8-10-0

2)      Barry Chambers 8-3-0

3)      Jimmy Byrne       6-7-0

4)      Alan Birchall        5-6-0


Sunday, Challenge Shield (River Mersey).

1)      Martin Lenihan      17-0-0

2)      Dave Brooks           12-3-0

3)      Ray Boden              10-0-0

4)      Bob Clough              9-8-0



River Mersey Series, draw 9am. Victoria Park


Association Rod Only Match, River Mersey, draw 9am Kingsway Allotments


Disabled & Over 60's draw 10am Bridgewater Canal, under motorway bridge, Preston Brook.


River Mersey draw 9am Kingsway Allotments